True power of martial art comes from the long-hard training of retrocession. Since several thousand years ago this fact has become systematic theory and it comes down to present. However, currently, because of the Korean martial art becomes sport, people only concentrate on wining the competition so most of martial artisans start to spend more time on physical power because training retrocession requires time and hard effort. Therefore, because of lack of training retrocession, most of martial artisans, without noticing, are loosing their health and essential meaning of martial art also has been diminished with it. These facts are the main reason to establish Training Institution and establishing purposes are following: First, try to educate and research essential meaning of martial art for marital artisans all over the world. Second, to supply valuable educational information about managing gym for the masters who have their own martial art gym. Third, to educate martial art and spirit of martial art more effectively and make strict rules between juniors and seniors and finally, try to increase pride of getting DAN certificate.

Business Plan
To build Moo Duk Won's Training Institution at PA JU in KYUNG KI DO and we will have necessary classes to educate every martial artisans such as, managing gym, class for training instructors, black belt class and children's class etc.

Training Courses
1.Gym Managing Course
Acupuncture skill, Training Retrocession, Finger Pressure Therapy skill, Hap Ki Do, Taek Kyun, Tai Chi, Sun Moo Do, Technique for stick and new forms for high-ranking students

2.To educate theory of martial art and help to teach preparing Master's and Doctor's thesis.

3.To invite other martial art masters and learn it by the special short but effect-training course so every student can get more than a Third Dan and we provide certificate for those who received education and it will be an big advantage when testing DAN promotion test.